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Located in Terminal 2ís Departure Transit Lounge South-East Finger Pier (opposite Gate F33),
Indian Chefs will delight you with authentic North & South Indian Vegetarian food.
Kaveri Tel: 545 4868
KAVERI MENU includes
   Assorted Pokora
   Vegetable Seekh Kebab
   Daal & Rice
   Vegetable Biryani
   Thali Meal
   Plain/Masala/Cheese Dosa
   Idli / Vada
   Masala/Cheese Uttappam
   Desserts: Gulab, Rasgulla, Kulfi
   Local Food
   Drinks: Local & Imported Beers, Fruit Juices, Lassi, Jal Jeera,
   Masala Tea, Lime Soda, Freshly Brewed & Instant Coffee/Tea, Soft Drinks
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