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The comfortably furnished rooms are comparable to any standard hotel in the city and are equipped with facilities such as:

En suite bathroom
Complimentary coffee and tea making facilities
Wake-up call service
STANDARD ROOM RATES (in Singapore dollars)
   Single Occupancy : S$ 56.65 nett*
   Double/Twin Occupancy : S$ 63.45 nett*
   Triple Occupancy : S$ 84.98 nett*
   Each Extra Person/Bed : S$ 21.53 nett*
   Each Additional Hour (for maximum of 3 hours) : S$ 13.60 nett*

The comfortably furnished rooms (separate shower rooms & toilets) are equipped with television, telephone and wake-up call service.

   Single occupancy : S$ 39.66 nett*
   Each Additional Hour (for maximum of 3 hours) : S$ 13.60 nett*
*  Reservations can be made personally at our reception counter or via fax, telephone or online.
*  Please do not clear Immigration/Customs.
*  Reserved room(s) will be held for 45 minutes after arrival of flight or 15 minutes after requested reserved time.
*  Rates are non-negotiable, non-commissionable, non-transferable and non-refundable.
*  Payment upon check-in.
*  All room rates stated are based on minimum rental of per 6- hour block.
*  Stays between 10 - 12 hours are chargeable at 12-hour rates (ie. 2 blocks).
*  All rates listed are subject to changes without prior notice.
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